Elakelaiset - Российский фанклуб хумппы - Russian Humppa Fanclub

Elakelaiset - Black Humppa


Hello everybody come and do the good old humppa
join your organs and let's make a train

Alright clap your hands and your false teeth
'till smoke rises from your wooden feet

Hey-hey black humppa drives you insane
you'll forget your troubles and it melts your brains

Singing, dancing yippe-yippe-yippee
Singing, dancing yippe-yippe-yippee

If I try to stop, my feet will carry me away
It seems that I'll be dancing on my way to my grave

Yippe-yippe-yippe-hey-ho-horsey-mow-let's sing and dance

If I try to dance with a woman
the band will stop playing and go to lunch